After going through a pitch process, Acorn Strategy was selected for our approach to destination marketing strategy and our understanding of complexity.  This international hotel chain presented with multiple issues created from self-cannibalisation of market and brand, within a specific region. 


Acorn Strategy started off with research and analysis, using a combination of secondary research, focus groups and industry research as well as stakeholder interviews and surveys.  The layers of the issues became apparent throughout the research process.  By developing this further and working through the issues analysis with the management team, a task list was identified for resolution.  Thereafter, a positioning statement, recommended marketing mix, target market and marketing plan was developed for the destination hotels as well as the individual hotels within it. 



One of the issues that was quickly resolved was around how they spoke about themselves as a destination – they were presenting themselves as the inferior sibling of a better known neighbouring city.  After the destination was positioned and framed clearly for the international hotel chain, the individual hotel positioning fell into place quickly.  In the first year after implementing our recommendations, the cluster increased occupancy 17.7% and increased revenue 9%. 



  • Multi-layered product, brand and destination strategy
  • Customer behaviour and trends analysis
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Indepth target market assessment
  • Marketing planning