We had worked with this holdings group through our work on some of their assets when we were contracted by a third party to review the situation.  They’d seen our way of working and wanted to see how we would approach the marketing and communications of their assets.  We worked with some of their high-need assets for a year to improve their marketing function.  



Being strategy-led, we kick-started with a full strategy for the two priority assets.  We reviewed the external environment and internal, audited the marketing and communications tools and then evaluated against a marketing and communications strategy.  We found that there were several gaps in perception, communication of their message and consistency of message to market. 



By adjusting the way they presented themselves to market, fine-tuning their visual and written communication, changing their channels so that they were optimised for what was best for the customer within the holding companies budget, we were able to set up their marketing and communications practice to be run in house after a one year improvement process. 



  • Website
  • Interagency team management (digital agency, corporate PR agency, website developers)
  • Public relations and crisis management
  • Marketing strategy (external and internal analysis, issues analysis, marketing audit, marketing and pr plan)
  • Social media management
  • Content writing (English and Arabic)