Acorn Strategy’s insights will help you ace the marketing game this Ramadan. 

March 9, 2023

Acorn Strategy’s insights will help you ace the marketing game this Ramadan. 

Make the most of the upcoming Ramadan and Eid observance in the MENA region. Connect with your key audiences, build stronger relationships, and leave a lasting impression! Leverage Acorn Strategy’s insights to get ahead and position yourself for success. 

 This Ramadan and Eid 2023, create meaningful connections by sharing messages of kindness and unity. Focus on building relationships and fostering community, rather than selling. Use our insights to navigate the marketing landscape and bring your vision to life. Celebrate togetherness during this period and make a lasting impact! 

 According to Meta research, Ramadan 2022 saw a surge in interactions related to togetherness and community in the Middle East region on Instagram. This is your chance to reinforce your brand’s purpose and values that resonate with your audiences. With 13 years of experience creating Ramadan campaigns, Acorn Strategy shares its top recommendations for marketers this year. 


Don’t just make an Ad; narrate a story.  

With two-thirds of shoppers watching videos online, it’s a powerful tool for brand storytelling. Moreover, 65% of shoppers spend more time watching video content during Ramadan and Eid, making it critical for reach. 


Offer personalised products and gift suggestions. 

71% of shoppers agree that personalised recommendations make their Ramadan shopping easier. Focus on the personal touch with content that targets vital audience groups.  


Partner with content creators.  

59% of shoppers are likelier to trust a brand that partners with a trustworthy creator during Ramadan and Eid. Therefore, collaborate with creators who align with your values and understand the importance of your brand or products. 


Get creative with augmented reality and virtual reality. 

AR/VR can significantly influence purchasing decisions, with 83% of shoppers who have used AR agreeing it has an impact. Consider creating an AR effect that aligns with consumer sentiment and promote it with augmented reality ads. 


Strengthen connections with business messaging. 

Conversations are a powerful tool to connect and conduct commerce, especially during high-consideration moments like Ramadan. For example, 69% of shoppers have instant messaged a business on Meta technologies during Ramadan and Eid. In addition, 65% prefer messaging companies over email or phone. 

In conclusion, a bouquet of tactics can be pursued to make the most of this marketing opportunity, connect with your audiences and enhance your brand value. How you balance your marketing targets and budget with the options available is the first step to re-ignite your brand story.