Built on insights: Unveiling Acorn Strategy’s new PR reporting model

January 4, 2022


In an evolved media landscape, it isn’t enough to count outputs or simply monitor vanity metrics. It’s what you measure and whether it is making an organisational impact that counts.

In almost every endeavour on earth, letting go of things that no longer work well is the most challenging aspect of transformation. This is true of the communications industry as it is of other industries, and we can easily identify the unnecessary literalism that keeps outdated practises and methods afloat long after they have ceased to produce value for brands.

For the public relations and communications industry, this literalism manifests itself when it comes to reporting media coverage results. Thousands of pages of reports are produced every day across the industry, with the declared purpose of informing a brand of how many ‘media hits’ were achieved. The time and investment that goes into this process is lengthy, but unfortunately many reports don’t evaluate ‘how’ the media coverage has driven the objectives that impact the organisation. 

So why does everyone keep doing the same thing again and again? Because it’s the way things have been done for twenty years. At Acorn Strategy, however, this is no longer the way things are done. 

Recently named Large Agency of the Year by the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) and winner of Bronze and Silver in Community Relations & Management and Corporate Reputation at the PRIA Golden Target Awards 2021, Acorn Strategy concluded a very successful year with focus on adapting its integrated marketing, public relations and digital communications services to an evolved media landscape. 

Drawing on the Barcelona Principles 3.0 of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), which set clear guidelines for measuring impact of public relations and communications initiatives, Acorn Strategy launched a new Media Content Analysis Model.

Researched, refined and pilot-tested over an extended period of time, the new and improved reporting system is a breath of fresh air that ensures the delivery of actionable insights through objective-driven measurement and evaluation.

The model offers improved recording, analysis and reporting of secured media coverage, with greater learnings and recommendations to be gleaned from the data.

The metrics used within the model take into consideration the ever-expanding media landscape and as such includes qualitative and quantitative data, such as reach, impressions, tone, cost-per-contact, as well as a series of pre-determined quality criteria. 

Interesting, right? It’s even more interesting when you learn how adaptable the model is. It has been specifically developed to be scalable and adaptable to the varying communications objectives of Acorn Strategy’s clients. If, for example, a client’s objective is to promote the profile of its executive board, an important quality criterion that fulfills this specific objective is securing coverage in top-tier media titles with quotes from members of the executive board. Similarly, if a client’s objective is to increase attendance at an upcoming festival, then ensuring we are securing coverage with a Call-To-Action (CTA) and booking website is critical.

The introduction of this model is the latest in a series of new reporting frameworks and tools developed in-house by Acorn Strategy’s senior consultants overseen by the company’s Global Head of Client Experience, Annabel Amann.

A long-standing ‘Acorner’, Annabel works across each of Acorn Strategy’s office locations in the UAE, Australia and the United Kingdom to ensure continual improvement of internal processes and workflows, supporting clients with best practice and meaningful experiences. 

With the introduction of this new reporting model, Acorn Strategy has reinforced its public relations profile, as it continues to demonstrate its integrity in delivering real value and impact for its clients. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s time for your brand to benefit from award-winning PR, send us an e-mail at hello@acornstrategy.com and we’ll get right back to you.