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October 25, 2021

Extending the Life of a News Story: The Content Amplification Programme

How to amplify the impact of a good new story using content marketing principles?

In this fast-paced world, even the best stories are here today and gone tomorrow, and one of the challenges most companies and public relations professionals face is how to boost the impact of their story beyond traditional media channels.

Many businesses and public relations professionals understand that extending their reach beyond their owned media channels can boost return on investment, but struggle to find the time or resources needed to redevelop their content in order to meet the needs of their audience and gain greater impact, especially when the content is time-sensitive.

In this article, Emma Easter, explains how thinking differently about the way we repurpose content, and applying content marketing principles to an event or good news story, can help PR professionals to generate results beyond the life of a typical press release.

First, the traditional way of doing things…

Traditional content repurposing plans tend to start with a ‘substantive’ piece of content which is usually housed on a website, like a white paper, in-depth study or a blog post.  These will then be reworked into various other formats to extend the reach of the original and with the aim of driving traffic to the original on the website to draw potential new customers down the marketing funnel.  Typical formats will include:

  • Longer form video
  • Shorter videos
  • A series of social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Slideshare
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Press releases

But what if your content journey doesn’t start the traditional way?  What if your journey starts instead with a news story? Can you still take advantage of the opportunities that content marketing can provide to prolong the life of your story?

Then, there’s the alternative…

The Content Amplification Programme extends the life of events or media clippings by re-purposing content into multiple forms for amplification across non-traditional channels.

The Acorn Strategy team has developed what we believe is a unique approach; applying principles of content repurposing to enhance the potential of public relations activity beyond its usual scope.

Our 4-step programme starts before your event takes place.  We will:

  • Generate ideas for engaging content which will appeal to your audience
  • Create high-quality content, crafted by content professionals
  • Distribute your content so that it’s easy for your target audience to find
  • Analyse the impact of your content and learn lessons for the future

Step 1: Ideate

We will work with you to understand your audience and to determine how best to reach them, whether through traditional or online channels.

We will explore your target markets to understand what types of content generate the best results, and we will research keywords and hashtags to help make your content easier to find.

We will then combine these insights with your desired outcomes and formulate an effective plan which will prolong the impact of your event beyond its original expected scope, enhancing return on investment.

Step 2: Create

Our team of content specialists will create a range of high-quality multi-channel content formats to suit different audience preferences.  This could include:

Step 3: Distribute

We will share your content on the channels which are most appropriate for your audience.

We will agree in advance when and how often we will post, and will develop a schedule so that our deliverables and deadlines are clear.  We can also set up and manage your paid digital campaigns.

Step 4: Analyse

We will measure the impact of the Programme in an agreed timeframe using metrics which are meaningful to your organization, and then report back with recommendations on where to go next.

Our range of content services include:

  • Content Auditing
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Ideation and Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution

Want to know more?  Drop us a line at, or visit our website to find out how we can help, get free resources and insights, and to chat with the team.