Turning the Tables: What Social Media Platforms Can Learn from Digital Marketing Agencies.

June 2, 2023

Turning the Tables: What Social Media Platforms Can Learn from Digital Marketing Agencies.

Ready for a role reversal, social media platforms? Buckle up, because today, we are trading in our student hats and playing professor, giving you a crash course in the lessons we have learned, forged in the fires of digital marketing warfare.

We spend our days (and, let’s be honest, many nights) mastering the ever-evolving dance of social media platforms. We have a ringside seat to the ever-changing dance of algorithms, emerging trends and new features. But today, we’re flipping the script and posing a provocative question: Can social media platforms learn a thing or two from us, the fearless agencies?

While the industry typically focuses on how we can leverage social media platforms, it’s time for a paradigm shift. We, the trailblazers on the front lines, possess an arsenal of insights that come from strategizing, experimenting, failing, learning, and ultimately succeeding. We’ve acquired a treasure trove of knowledge about users’ deepest desires, behaviours, and needs.

 So, let’s embark on a journey to unveil what we believe social media platforms can learn from the brilliance of digital agencies.


Lesson 1: Fan the Flames of Customization

I’m fascinated to see how brand identities shape our strategies, enabling us to craft tailored experiences that resonate with specific audiences. However, I’ve noticed a concerning trend: there are severe limitations on ad and content customization across platforms. Picture a world with more versatile ad formats and content customization options, allowing brands to unleash their true essence. Can you help brands ignite an inferno of immersive and personalized experiences, that will allow them to truly capture hearts and minds along the way?


Lesson 2: Please Be Clear

We genuinely value when platforms keep us informed about algorithm changes, privacy policies, and new features. But let’s face it, sometimes their communication can be a bit… cryptic. As someone who thrives on clear and straightforward communication, I believe it’s time for platforms to be more transparent and clearer, helping us navigate the ever-changing waters. So, let’s create an environment where information flows openly, enabling us to create better experiences for our clients and users.


Lesson 3: A Pact for Better Collaboration

While we appreciate the support channels that social media platforms offer, it’s time to break free from the shackles of one-way communication. As digital marketing warriors, we crave a partnership that transcends the mundane and is based upon effective, two-way communication. It’s time to unleash the full potential of collaboration, where ideas and insights flow freely between agencies and platforms. Together, we can create a dynamic synergy that fuels innovation, unlocks improvements and revolutionizes the digital landscape.


Lesson 4: Respect the Underdogs

In the vast digital realm, I’ve had the privilege of representing not just governments and giants of industry with bottomless marketing budgets, but also the underdogs – the SMEs. These valiant warriors may lack the financial muscle, but they possess an unwavering spirit and a burning desire to make their mark. It’s time to champion their cause by introducing supportive measures like flexible budget options and expanding organic reach. We can embolden these aspiring entrepreneurs with a level the playing field, creating a digital ecosystem where every determined underdog has a fighting chance to shine. 


Lesson 5: Unleash the Power of Data!

As a self-confessed data nerd this is a point particularly close to my heart. Data is my North Star. It guides the strategic decisions I make, illuminates the patterns and preferences of the audience, and, in essence, it talks to me. I love decoding its language, understanding the trends, and harnessing the insights it offers.

 Data provides the substance behind our strategies, enabling us to tailor campaigns that resonate with the audience and effectively drive engagement. It helps us to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ – why certain content performs better, why some campaigns outshine others, and why specific audience segments engage more.

 We respect and understand that user privacy is paramount, and we support that wholeheartedly. But within those boundaries, there’s still room for platforms to provide more comprehensive data that could help us make even better-informed decisions. With more granular data on user engagement, deeper insights into the audience’s content consumption patterns and more nuanced data on the performance of different ad formats, we can develop even more effective and personalized campaigns, leading to improved user experiences. Win-win.

So, dear social media platforms, this is us extending a hand. We’re all playing in the same digital sandbox. By learning from each other, we believe we can create a better, more efficient, and more engaging environment for everyone.

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Paul Parsons is Acorn Strategy’s Digital Director. He’s a digital marketing and technology specialist with 17+ years of experience and a passion for all things tech. With his expert knowledge and creative flair, he’s a strong lead strategist on all digital projects. Paul’s experience spans multiple regions, from the Middle East and Africa to the Asia Pacific. He’s worked on a variety of projects, honing his skills and developing a unique approach that combines cutting-edge technology with out-of-the-box thinking.